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battery Additions

Powering all your essential items when off the grid is very important. We install dual battery setups, wire isolators and only use the highest quality true copper wire available. 

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Solar panels and smart charging

Charging your new batteries is just as crucial as having enough power to run your gear. We carry a full line of solar panels and smart chargers. We also install them for you at either of our two locations.

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usb outlets and wiring

Being able to have enough usb outlets to charge your flashlights, phones, tablets, go-pros, drones, and whatever cool gear you may have is pretty ideal. Judging from experience, we have set up ways to get charging outlets exactly where you need them for fast and easy use.

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Power inverters

If you ever thought about charging your computer or filling an air mattress. On board 12v to 120v power inverters are crucial to any outdoor rig. We find the right one for you and even install them in just the right place in your vehicle.

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outdoor LED headlights, roof, bumper, ditch lighting

Being able to see where you are going is so important.  Especially on those remote back country roads. We offer a full selection of led lighting solutions on any vehicle and any mounting location imaginable.

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air compressors

For anyone planning on doing off roading, airing down your tires is a must. But also airing them up in remote locations where gas stations aren't in reach. We sell and install on board air solutions to get you back on the highway after a long day on the trail.

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