Dynamat Door Applications


Dynamat Extreme on the Doors

Here at Sb Outdoor Gear we always cover our customers doors at every level. Inner door skin, outer door skin and door panels. This was we know we dampened every surface insuring complete noise cancelation.


door panels

You can never leave out the door panels when sound deadening a vehicle.  Door panels rest directly on the cars metal door creating an opportunity to rattle and squeak. Besides that, vehicle door panels are plastic. Which mean they are proned to vibrations. Applying Dynamat Extreme cuts down these noisy vibrations. Giving you a smooth and comfortable ride.



The Final step that in our minds can't be skipped, is the addition of Dynaliner. Dynaliner is the most effective automotive lightweight thermal insulator available, and perfect to use on top of Dynamat Xtreme. It is a soft, self-adhesive closed cell rubber with thousands of cells packed extremely close together, which gives the material near zero air infiltration occurrences.